Cats are household pets with many fascinating health benefits that some have yet to understand. While others see cats just like any other household pet, their benefits are way beyond that. Health experts have proven that this small tiny animal can provide astonishing impacts on the life of an individual. But, when the knowledge of how useful cats can be to humans, people may take them as a nuisance instead of protecting them. In most places, cats are used to chasing rats away, rats and cats usually don’t dwell in the same building. They are age-longed enemies; you’ll hardly find a rat in the same building where there are cats.

Some have taken measures to eliminate

Some have taken measures to eliminate them because they felt they constituted a household nuisance. Research has proven that rats are often carriers of some deadly diseases, allowing them to stay in your home is putting the lives of people at risk. To prevent their spread is to ensure you keep their energy at home which are cats, this will keep them far away because any attempt to approach your building will result in instant death. This can only happen when there cats around to constantly chase them out and prevent them from taking over your home.

Why Killing Cats Led To More Plagues

Around the 13th century, Pope Gregory IV declared war on black cats. According to him, the animals were demonic. The pope was against anyone trying to keep or nurture them. Black cats were mostly affected as people considered them instruments of demonic manifestations. Throughout Europe, these pets were eliminated such that you could barely count the number of pets that were left. There wasn’t any form of research carried out to ascertain whether the pope’s decision to kill these animals was based on any facts.

But, little was it ever known that these pets could be lifesavers, most of the life-threatening diseases that have destroyed lives were transmitted by rats. Killing these pets somewhat increased the number of rats and the infections transmitted through their actions. Aside from that, further research indicated that loneliness, heart-related diseases, and several others could be treated just by keeping these pets that were eliminated.

They also prevent allergies while improving cardiovascular health for individuals with such infections. This was among the greatest events that happened in Europe around the 13th century and considering that it came from the highest spiritual authority. People became skeptical of keeping or getting close to black cats to avoid being possessed by some demonic forces.