The word historic means history, that which is remembered and passed from one generation to another. Things that existed or happened in the ancient days, example Old Stone Age. It is the period when human development took place, they used stone tools to do tasks. Historic age assists in grouping things based on the year or time frame such things occurred. The ancient period for instance, is the time God began his creation work. There is also the early modern era that existed between 1600-1850, it marked the beginning of famous nations like America. Another name for this period is age of discovery, for it was this time that people discovered the sea route to America.

Historic age marked the study of events in chronological order. Humanity was studied from the evolution stage to make it easy for people to understand human existence. Pre-history talks about how humans lived before records, a time when there were no writing materials. In general historic age is useful in learning critical events that happened in the past. Anthropologist can clearly understand phenomena based on factual information and find solutions to problems. Calamities facing man-kind like new viruses can be studied based on behavioral changes.

History classified different eras of man

During historic age, writing had been developed and events were documented for future reference. You can get the correct date when a certain thing happened because of documentation. The great depression era caused so much pain to the American citizens, it was characterized by poverty and unemployment rates. This period took place in the 1930s, making historians identify the time based on characteristics that took place. Another history is the roaring 20 which occurred in the 1920s, an era characterized by development in technology. People rebelled against old traditions to set room for new changes.

History classified different eras of man into three, ancient, middle and modern period. They lasted from 100 to 1000 years, an example of ancient age which existed 3600 BC to 500 AD. In short historic age groups things according to characteristics using time frame. Historians did research to document events in chronological order to enable students and researchers have easy time while reading the history of human beings. Changes in the discovery channeled technological advancements making historical work be stored in archives, books and magazines.

The Historic Age Definition

This era marked the beginning of a new life for humans could cook using firewood, dress in modest clothes and learnt how to read. Man sewed decent clothes to wear unlike in the pre-historic time when leaves were used to cover our body. Historic age is important to anthropologist for they can analyze behaviors based on systematic development. During the Stone Age, man’s brain had not fully developed in terms of generating new ideas. He believed in certain traditions that banned him from behaving in a certain manner.

In general historic studies history in time to simplify classification. Actual time of events are easily identified to avoid confusion when studying or reading. There is no past without a future for this reason, the past must be revisited to understand future phenomena. When you read the Stone Age, you will understand the origin of stone tools. Why man lived simple life at the beginning and how tools like hummer came into existence.