Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) is a highly infectious disease. It is spread when one is exposed to a contagious person who coughs and sneezes or touches a place that has the virus. Such type of disease has led to a worldwide pandemic and panic and it is similar to contracting a deadly version of the flu or cold. Its symptoms are fever, difficulty in breathing, coughing and tiredness and some severe cases can cause death. Majority of the people are scared because of the possibility of death and the number of people who have died worldwide is making matters worse.

Scientists haven’t come close to generating a cure as they have evidence showing how the virus is mutating. Technically, COVID-19 is an animal disease that is transferred to humans when they consume the infected meat. The virus is however worse in people suffering from heart conditions, respiratory issues, cancer and is harmful to pregnant mothers and newborn babies.

Scientists are trying so hard to

This type of disease demands proper sanitation by using alcohol-based sanitizers, masks and quarantining oneself with or without the virus. Making sanitization a habit in anyone’s daily life has proved a bit hard because it is quite difficult to change someone’s patterns and habits. However, we must all try our level best to help one another by self-quarantining for at least 14 days. What people don’t understand is that buying excessive sanitizers and masks won’t help them be safe enough if they don’t allow other people to access the same tools for sanitization. This disease has in reality messed up many innocent families because of the panic it has generated in a very short period.

Scientists are trying so hard to come up with a cure and Japan’s favipiravir drug is proving effective in treating COVID-19. Favipiravir is an oral antiviral drug originated from Fujifilm Toyama Chemical and produced by Zhejiang Pharmaceutical for treating flu-like diseases and has been approved for clinical trials. This drug has shown positive outcomes in the 340 clinical trials that had been conducted in Wuhan and Shenzhen. This drug is technically hindering the virus from replicating by disabling the RNA polymerase which builds RNA.

Furthermore, patients who took this drug

X-Rays of patients that have tried this drug have shown significant changes in lung improvement to 91% statistics from 62%. Moreover, patients who have extremely high fevers and have used this drug, have incredibly improved with statistics decreasing from 5 days to 3 days. This drug is proving highly effective and if it gets approved, the search for the coronavirus cure might come to an end. The whole world is on edge to finally put a stop to this COVID-19 madness.

Furthermore, patients who took this drug and were later tested if they still had COVID-19 showed negative results after four days of being diagnosed. This meant that there were no traces of the disease in their bodies and became COVID-19-free. Scientists in Japan are also treating patients who have mild symptoms to identify how their bodies will respond to favipiravir. It is expected that more clinical trials will be conducted to provide more concrete and truthful evidence that the favipiravir drug does work and won’t have extremely bad side effects in the future.

The early history of favipiravir with beating corona

Seattle, USA is expected to begin clinical trials for about 45 infected people over the next six weeks. This is all in a bid to trigger the body’s immune system response-ability to fight coronavirus. It has been stated that if these clinical trials prove to be fruitful, the drug could be released to the public in 12 to 18 months.

Despite these promising results, the drug has proven less effective in patients who have very severe symptoms because of the extensive spread of this virus in their bodies. This greatly questions whether this drug will help those who are immunocompromised in the world.

There is high hope for this drug to work and if approved, the drug will be given out for free. With luck, we might see better results and a decrease in mortality rates. The most important thing to note is we can help stop the spread of COVID-19 by taking good care of ourselves through sanitation methods. Also, we must always keep an open mind by looking out for more possibilities of finding a cure.