There are tons of books that talk about the history of current Germany. A history book of Germany was written by Mary Fulbright that tells about important information about German lands, the people and their living from past ages to the current living situations of Germany.

William Hagen wrote a 'German History

William Hagen wrote a ‘German History in Modern Times’ book that brings some clear explanation of Germany’s culture, political power and societal rules of modern Germany. It offers a wide explanation of the languages of Germany from past times. Reading this book will give you a clear understanding of that country’s roots. Dietrich Orlando also wrote a history of Germany from 1871 to the present. German employees’ history in modern times books tells about the history of Germany in the last one hundred and fifty years, starting from the late 80s to the nineteenth, twentieth, twenty-first centuries to our present times of that country. Full coverage of Germany’s history is present in Orlando’s history book.

The Best Books That Tells The History Of Germany

The Long Road West is also a German history book written by Heinrich August Winkler. What makes this book very interesting is that it deviated from major ways other writers titled their German history book. This book is detailed from the year 1789-1933 which concerns all that two centuries happenings of Germany. It’s about the cultural and political history of Germany.

Another book is ‘Reformation’ by Hajo Hole Born teaching its readers about some of the last 5 centuries of German history. It contains some origins, age and the rise of civilization of that country. The first volume of reformation gives an accurate history of the major religions of Germany, how it came, how people accepted it and so on. Hole Born’s book is part of a hundred books of German history that are well detailed.

David Black Bourne wrote ‘The Conquest of Nature’ in modern Germany. The Conquest of Nature is about the water, landscape and making of modern Germany. It explores how people have shaped the environment of Germany, how their water and landscapes have created a stronghold in that country over some of the past two hundred and fifty years. These authors have made a piece that is recognizable to the country, its culture, religion, roots, political standards and their natural resources of three past centuries. Read all those books to help you understand the origin of that country Germany. Please trust me those books are interesting, Germany’s history was perfectly explained in the six books mentioned above.