According to results of the medical trials that were conducted regarding the affected patients in China. The Chinese medical authorities made it clear that the Japanese-made flu drug favipiravir otherwise known as Avigan is effective in curing the COVID-19 virus. The medical authorities claimed that the drug is effective in seeing to the reduction of the duration of the COVID-19 virus in patients. Also, the Chinese medical authorities did make the claim that the drug improved the lung conditions of patients who were being treated with the drug.

These trials of the drug did involve patients totaling 340, the drug has high degree of safety since it is made to treat flu. This was proclaimed by official of the China science and technology ministry, Zhang Xinmin on Wednesday to media.

The test proofs did show that there was a reduction in the period whereby patients tested positive for COVID-19 witnessed eleven days down to just four days. The patients also showed improvement of lung conditions of around 91% of patients that were being treated with favipiravir. But those without the trial participants showcased 62% which gives the drug great functionality in working to see off the COVID-19 which is currently wreaking havoc in global activities.

It was reported that the Japanese medical experts are also making their efforts in testing the efficacy of the drug against the COVID-19. A source from the Japanese health ministry revealed to the media that the drug has been given to around 70 to 80 people for treatment of the COVID-19. But this action did not show effectiveness against the virus of treating those with severe symptoms of the COVID-19. Instead of acting against the virus, it was reported that the virus has multiplied to a great extent.

According to Zhang, more than 80

A vaccine that will see to the effective treatment of the COVID-19 in seeing to the reduction of the duration of the presence of the virus. This will eventually see to the lessening of the patients would be a big benefit in the battle against COVID-19. For the approval of the utilization of favipiravir, would in any case, require strong and further testing exercises by the health departments. The confirmation of its rigidity must be attested to by each nation’s medical expert regulating team approval for the virus treatment.

Other vaccinations have been tested for the treatment of COVID-19, but no one has come to play the actual role of getting rid of the virus. COVID-19 medications are still in the process of development which indicates the fact that there is no confirmed drug in curbing the virus. Remadesivir happened to be one of the other medications that have shown early promising solution to COVID-19.

The favipiravir understood to have gained approval for medical use in Japan in 2014 has shown no obvious reaction against the coronavirus. This is the claim of Zhang Xinmin which he revealed to the media three days ago. This announcement by Zhang is understood to be true as no vibrant drug is yet to be identified for the curing of coronavirus. The coronavirus is showing sign of abating in China and other parts of the globe in which the virus has been incurring opprobrium.

According to Zhang, more than 80 patients have been subjected to medical trials in a Chinese hospital in which 35 patients taking favipiravir. The other 45 patients were subjected also to a control group, the result showed that those with favipiravir have more negative reactions.

Genetic engineering sub-unit vaccination

Another Chinese multi-centered randomized clinical study also suggested the therapeutic activeness of favipiravir is of more betterment than that of the control group. Favipiravir has been recommended to the medical teams in the treatment of the COVID-19 and should be used in the diagnosis and treatment processes of the virus. Other vaccines to see to the treatment of coronavirus are being expected to go into clinical trials in China as soon as possible.

Chinese scientists are on the race of developing COVID-19 vaccines through five approaches understood to be:

Inactivated vaccination

Genetic engineering sub-unit vaccination

Test history of favipiravir

Adenovirus vector vaccination

Nuclear acid vaccination

Attenuated influenza virus vaccination

Other research teams have been enrolling volunteers and seeing to the application of clinical trials in affiliation with National Medical Products Administration. A full government approval would be needed for the drug to be used as a core drug in seeing to the curing of the virus. The drug was initially intended for the curing of flu, but with the situation of things now it might be approved for COVID-19. A health official revealed to media that the drug might gain approval come May 2020 if results of clinical research are not delayed.