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Choosing ice fishing boots


If you’re new to ice fishing, you’ve probably already realized or have been told that you need quality ice fishing boots. Without the proper equipment to protect your feet from freeze and moisture, ice fishing can be quite dangerous, so you don’t want to take any chances. There are many different options available and choosing one particular product can be a little confusing for those who are new to ice fishing. That’s exactly why i decided to write this post, to help you choose quality ice fishing boots in order to reduce the risk of anything going wrong on your trip.

Also, if you’re not living in extremely cold states in the north, you might do fine without them, but i would still advise everyone to get thick, warm socks.

 When it comes to ice fishing boots, most important is to make sure that a. Your boots will be comfortable, and b. They will keep your feet safe. Try to aim for quality brands, too, because quality of the cheap stuff tends to be completely random. They might be fine, but more often than not, cheap ice fishing boots won’t last more than a season. Ballpark number of how much you should expect to pay for quality pair of boots is around one to two hundred dollars. Anything cheaper than that, is not worth your time. Being water resistant is very important as well, so make sure to read reviews before buying anything. Boots must also be properly insulated.

  There are three famous brands – Kamik, Baffin and Muck Boots. I like the Kamik the most, so that’s the one i’ll review below. In general though, when buying individual products, pay attention to the materials and warmth rating of the boots. That rating represents the lowest temperature that the boots can withstand. It might not always be true, but as a rule of thumb, the lower the temperature, the warmer the boots are.

 Kamik boots are the first boots i’ve worn on my ice fishing trip, few years back. I rented everything needed for ice fishing, and they came in the package. I liked them so much that when i got home, first thing i did was to order them for myself. They fit perfectly and were very snug, not to mention being waterproof and freeze-resistant. Although, if you’ll be buying socks additionally, i’d recommend getting one size bigger to make room for thick socks. Even in deep snow, these kept my feet warm and safe. For that, i’ll be forever grateful and advocate of this fine brand. I’ve had my friends buy some Kamik ice fishing boots, and none of them have complained so far.


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